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Perform Windows system optimization and fix system vulnerabilities
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Windows Doctor is a suite of tools intended to make your computer run faster and safer. This all-in-one product optimizes your system, keeps it clean from malware, cleans the registry, wipes out security threats and recovers lost data, to mention but a few of its features. Despite its versatility, it’s very easy to use. In fact, its most important operations can be carried out with a couple of clicks.

Windows Doctor comes with a System Booster that scans such areas as hardware and system configuration and suggests those changes that could help your computer’s performance. Allegedly, the application can prevent overheating, optimize network usage and speed up Internet browsing. Another tool included in the suite is System Secure, which can detect and fix vulnerabilities and block malicious programs; and fortunately, it doesn´t clash with your running antivirus. Probably, the single of these tools with the highest impact on your computer’s performance is Registry Cleaner. It can scan your registry to find obsolete and invalid entries that are slowing the system down. Privacy cleaner, in turn, finds and deletes traces of your previous activity in such areas as File Explorer, Windows menu, clipboard and Internet browsers. By erasing these data, your privacy is secured from intruders.

Finally, there’s a group comprising disk tools, file tools and system tools. They allow you to undelete accidentally lost files, remove junk data and manage disk space. Moreover, you can also shred information, split large files into smaller chunks and speed up file copies. Additionally, various system tools support defragmenting the registry and the RAM.

In a market that it’s already flooded with products of this type, it’s difficult to find those differences that make a specific application unique. Fortunately, Windows Doctor has the advantage of providing multiple features. Besides, some of them as the copy manager and the antimalware tool are seldom found in this kind of software.

However, as I meant before, making a computer work really faster is the most appreciated result of using a system optimizer, and regrettably, the trial version of Windows Doctor allows correcting such a few errors that it’s hard to see any improvement. The fact that, when I ran a scan on my laptop, it could find tons of errors even though I had recently used another optimizer can mean various things: this program is highly effective in finding errors, it reports a lot of false positives or it’s making up these results. In my opinion, trying the product doesn’t provide any conclusive evidence, which makes spending any money on it a risk.

Pedro Castro
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  • It comprises a lot of tools
  • It’s easy to use


  • The trial version doesn’t allow fixing enough errors to prove its effectiveness
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